Innovative. Safe. User friendly.

The new element™ IV stand features a number of unique design elements to further promote safety, organization and efficiency of IV fluid administration.

Product Weight
Overall: 26 lbs. (12 kg)
Base with casters: 19 lbs (9 kg)

5 Swivel Casters 3” (8 cm)

Height Adjustment
Low: 74” (188 cm)
High: 122” (310 cm)

Base Footprint
Caster Centerline 21.25” (54 cm)

Weight Capacity (Maximum)
Hooks (each) 7 lbs. (3 kg)
Offset Load 40 lbs. (18 kg)
(Base Tube)†
Total Load‡ 90 lbs. (41 kg)
Pumps per Stand – up to 4
(10 lbs. each)

Patient Handle
O2 Holder
Foley Bag Hook
Outlet Strip

† 40 lbs max applied at 6” off center, 3 ft off ground

‡ 90 lbs max applied at centerline of pole, 3 ft off ground

Additional Features

The Clearview™ hook allows the caregiver to see all labels at once, eliminating twisting and tangles of IV lines. The hook spacing is ideally suited for piggybacking of a primary and secondary bag.

Created with patient and staff safety in mind, the element’s Clearstep™ base is ergonomically designed for easy ambulation. Recess on each side of the base allows for clearance emulating the natural shape of the foot.

Designed for comfortable transport and storage of multiple stands. The interlockingbases™ allow for multiple stands to be moved at one time by connecting the element™ together.

(maximum of six interlocked bases)

The element™ IV Stand features five 3″ (8 cm) diameter swivel casters. Maintenance-free precision ball bearing sealed casters for ultra-low resistance.