Designed specifically for ambulatory infusion therapy applications

Product Weight
Base with casters: 27 lbs (12 kg)

5 Swivel Casters 3” (8 cm)

Height Adjustment
Low: 69” (175 cm)
High: 124” (310 cm)

Footprint 23” (58 cm)

Weight Capacity (Maximum)
Hook (each) 12 lbs. (5 kg)
Offset Load 50lbs. (23 kg)
(Base Tube)†
Total Load‡ 125 lbs. (57 kg)
Pumps per Stand – up to 6
(10 lbs. each)

Patient Handle
O2 Holder
Foley Bag Hook
Outlet Strip

† 50 lbs max applied at 6” off center, 3 ft off ground

‡ 125 lbs max applied at centerline of pole, 3 ft off ground

Additional Features

Powdered coated base offers improved stability with a low center of gravity design and weighing 27 lbs. (12 kg). The small 23” diameter base reduces stumbles and falls while patient ambulates.

Pole sleeve welded securely to the base for reinforced stability.

The iSTAND shown with optional Infusion Pump Hoop (P-1080-F), can accommodate up to six pumps.

Stainless steel IV hook assembly features six hooks.

The internal bag drop prevention device allows for controlled descent of pole.