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About Our Back Table Manufacturing Company

When you’re ready to improve the efficiency of your operating room, ease the work of your OR team, plus save time, contact us and learn what OR Specific back tables can do for you.

Who We Are

At OR Specific, our mission is to streamline and optimize operating room setup and workflow, for seamless and efficient procedures. OR Specific is the original designer and manufacturer of the Double-decker Back Table (Big Case Back Table) and Perfect Fit™ drape, and now adds the electric adjustable and LED illuminated tables to the product line. Our operating room tables and drapes are often imitated but never surpassed in quality and reliability. 

Our History

Traditional back tables existed prior to when many of today’s complex instruments and equipment were invented. As times changed and the surgeon’s equipment needs have grown, back tables have needed to evolve. That’s when OR Specific stepped in.

OR Specific was launched in Florida in 1997 by an orthopedic sales representative who noticed operating room setups were cramped. In looking to find a way to create additional usable space  in a limited room, the Double-decker table was born. The company moved to Vancouver, Washington in 2008, bringing the 2-tiered standard table and Perfect Fit™ drape. Recognizing flexibility was key in an operating room, the hand-cranked adjustable table and heavy-duty drape were added to the product line in the early 2000s. Focusing on ease of use, our lighted and adjustable electric tables launched in 2019. Today we continue to seek quality and innovative solutions to bring more efficiency and safety to the healthcare industry.  

Back Tables for Medical Operating Rooms

Our Double-decker back table centralizes the necessary instruments and supplies to maintain a well organized environment, saving time and easing the work of operating room teams. Specifically, OR Specific’s Double-decker back tables are ideal for supporting any surgical procedure that is implant and/or instrument intensive. 

The addition of an upper-tier shelf promotes improved visibility, organization, and arrangement of instrument trays reducing the need for stacking. For maximum versatility, the upper tier can be placed in the storage position, transforming the table into a single tier. 

Our adjustable back tables also can adjust to varying heights with the main table allowing nearly 9 inches of vertical height adjustment, while the upper shelf can be positioned from 12 to 15 inches above the main table surface. 

Manufacturing Excellence

OR Specific’s back tables are manufactured in the United States and built to last. Our tables are constructed of 18 gauge stainless steel that stands on four sturdy 4” casters that ease the mobility of the table and then easily lock in place. The main surface and lower storage shelves can accommodate up to 200 lbs each, while the upper shelf can hold an additional 150 lbs. No matter what type of tools the surgeon needs, our back table can hold it just an arm’s reach away. Our electric and lighted tables are UL-approved and meet IEC 60601-1 Standards.

At OR Specific, we offer the most innovative and quality back tables, in addition to supporting people with barriers to employment services through the manufacturing process of our Perfect Fit™ drapes. Our drapes are supplied by the North Carolina non-profit, Polk Vocational Services (PVS). This world-class supplier of quality medical products provides educational opportunities, vocational training, and life opportunities to people with barriers to employment. 100% of the production operation profits are returned to the organization and used to support their services. We are a proud and long-standing partner of PVS.

Learn and Lead

Interacting with medical professionals around the globe is not only part of our sales strategy but also enables us to learn firsthand what traditional equipment and infrastructure is falling flat and where OR Specific can explore solutions. To expand our knowledge we participate in two of the largest international medical conferences annually.


AORN  is a global surgical expo and conference that unites perioperative nurses from around the globe for education, networking, and inspiration. 

Medica Logo

Medica is one of the largest medical B2B trade fairs in the world with over 4,500 exhibitors from 66 countries and more than 81,000 visitors.

Our Vision

As medical procedures and processes continue to modernize and improve, OR Specific will keep providing innovative solutions to meet the needs of operating rooms, ensuring efficiency and safety for both surgical staff and patients. 

If you’re interested in finding out more about our products and how they can help streamline your operating room, contact us. We are happy to discuss the features and benefits of our OR back table and Perfect Fit™ drapes and see how we can work together. We offer free trials so you can be sure you’re getting the ideal solution for your surgical teams.