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Explore our line of operating room back tables and see how our products can transform your OR.

OR Specific is a leading provider of stainless steel operating room back tables. Since 1997, we have been streamlining the work of operating room teams by bringing better organization and visibility for the many instruments needed for surgeries. No more searching for the right tool or having to unstack trays to find what you need. Our back tables save critical time and ease the work of operating room teams. 

OR Specific’s unique Double-decker back tables are ideal for supporting any surgical procedure that is implant and/or instrument intensive. The additional space created by the upper tier shelf promotes improved visibility, organization, and arrangement of instrument trays reducing the need for stacking. 

For smaller cases, the table can be used as a single-tier back table offering maximum versatility by placing the upper tier in the storage position. 

OR Specific’s unique product line of Double-decker back tables and perfect fit™ table drapes continues the tradition of offering quality and innovative solutions to the healthcare industry.

Compare Operating Room Back Tables

Standard Double-Decker Table   

The standard model comes with an adjustable top shelf and a fixed main table height of 33”

Adjustable Double-Decker Table

The adjustable back table features telescoping legs that enable the main table surface to be raised or lowered from a maximum height of 38” to a minimum of 29.” Use the hand crank at the rear of the table, to raise and lower the surgical surfaces. Sturdy T-bolts lock the upper tier in place.

Lighted Double-Decker Table

Lighted back tables feature LED lights installed under the upper shelf for maximum illumination and visibility. The 6300K cool white LED lights provide 40,000 hours of use. The lighted model comes with an adjustable top shelf and a fixed main table height of 33”

Electric Adjustable Double-Decker Table

Electronically height adjustable and LED illuminated, The electric adjustable back table allows the user to change the surgical surface heights with the touch of a button. The UP/DOWN buttons for height control are located to the right of the power supply. From the lowest position of 29″ to the maximum height of 38″ (main surface). The upper shelf may be adjusted from 12″ above the main surface to a maximum of 15″. For patient and staff safety, the Double-decker back table meets the highest hospital safety standards. IEC 60601-1 and UL approved.

Quality and Durability

No matter which of our tables you choose, you’ll find a solidly built piece of equipment made from 18 gauge stainless steel that stands on four sturdy 4” casters that ease the mobility of the table and then easily lock in place. Our electric and lighted tables are UL-approved and meet IEC 60601-1 Standards.

Because different surgeries bring in different operating teams, our adjustable back tables are built to accommodate a variety of heights. The main surface of the table allows nearly 9 inches of vertical height adjustment while the upper shelf can be positioned at either 12 or 15 inches above the main table surface. No matter the height of your medical staff they can easily find and reach what they need.

Specifically designed for large cases, our back tables can hold up to 200 lbs on the main surface and another 200 lbs on the lower storage shelf. An additional 150 lbs may be placed on the upper shelf. Everything that’s needed to perform surgery will be close at hand. No more switching between tables to find the right instrument.

Versatility and Integration

In the often confined space of an operating room, the Double-decker back table centralizes the necessary instruments and supplies to maintain a clutter-free environment while promoting efficient workflow.

Traditional back tables were designed prior to many of today’s complex instruments and equipment were invented. As times have changed and the surgeon’s equipment needs have grown back tables have needed to evolve. OR Specific has been proud to lead the way on modern back table design that allows for better and more efficient operating room collaboration and aids in delivering the best patient care.

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“Serious table for the serious scrub tech!”

— Nile B., Scrub Tech

OR Specific has been tested and used in hospitals around the country. We supplied the Illinois Bone and Joint Institute with our adjustable Double-decker back table and you can see how their experience with our product improved the flow of the OR and cut down on set-up time. Read the results here.

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We encourage you to explore our products through our online videos and website. Once you’ve seen how our back tables can improve the efficiency of your operating room, we’re confident you’ll be ready to start your free trial evaluation. All Double-decker back tables (formerly the Big Case Back Table), are available for a 14-day trial evaluation. For more information on our evaluation options, or any of our products, contact us using our online form, email, or by phone at  866.923.2766 or 564.213.1944.

At OR Specific, our mission is to further streamline and optimize operating room setup and workflow, promoting seamless and efficient procedures. Talk to us and see how we can help you.