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Founded in 1997, OR Specific quickly became a leading provider of orthopedic instrument tables and back tables. Today, OR Specific’s unique product line of Double-decker back tables and perfect fit™ table drapes continues the tradition of offering quality and innovative solutions to the healthcare industry.

Designed for OR use, our unique absorbent perfect fit™ drapes create a continuous sterile field with enhanced visibility due to the innovative clear plastic backdrop that allows light into the main table surface. 

Custom-fit, Heavy-duty, and Made in the USA

Offering superb barrier protection with a full adhesive bond between each layer, tear and puncture resistance, and high capacity absorbency, our unique perfect fit™  disposable table drapes easily covers both the upper and main table surfaces. The drapes feature a clear plastic transparent backdrop that allows light to transfer to the tables for improved visibility while maintaining a sterile environment. 

perfect fit™ back table covers come in standard and heavy-duty to handle any type of surgical procedure. 

  • Standard: A two-layer laminate system with a 9 mil thick absorbent polyethylene runner is available in cases of 10 for tables sized from 4 to 6 feet.
  • Heavy Duty: A three-layer laminate system, 28 mil thick, provides premium barrier protection, tear & puncture resistance, and a high-capacity absorbent layer. This drape should be accepted by the most discerning OR staff as a “stand-alone” drape when considering potential strike-through. Available in cases of 10 for tables from 4 to 6 feet.  

International Back Table Drapes: For customers outside of the United States, OR Specific offers our international perfect fit™ back table covers that carries the CE mark. These drapes include the same features as our heavy-duty drapes but are constructed with a different color runner than our US table drapes. 

Top Quality and Durability

Premium Barrier Protection: The clear, plastic backdrop protects the sterile field while allowing light through to the main table surface for better visibility. 

Tear and Puncture Resistant: Our drapes are designed with a multi-layer laminate system that is highly effective in resisting tears and punctures that can come from close contact with medical instruments. Our standard drape is 9 mil thick, while our heavy-duty drape is a robust  28 mil thick.  

High Absorbency: Tucked within our multi-layer laminate system is a high-capacity absorbent layer that pulls liquids in and away from instruments, helping maintain a clear working environment.

Custom Velcro Closures: Three Velcro® tabs located under the top tier correspond with Velcro tabs on the drape to remove any tenting, bulging, or blousing effect and allow for complete access to the main surface.

Polk visit

Made in the USA to Make a Difference in Lives

Our perfect fit™ back table covers are supplied by the North Carolina non-profit, Polk Vocational Services (PVS). This world-class supplier of quality medical products provides educational opportunities, vocational training, employment, and life opportunities to adults with disadvantages and disabilities. 100% of the production operation profits are returned to the organization and used to support their services. We are a proud and long-standing partner of PVS.

Choosing the Right Drape

The perfect fit™ table drape you choose depends largely on how complex the operation is or how many instruments will be needed. For a more invasive procedure, like a hip replacement, where there’s more risk of strike through and more need for absorbency, we recommend choosing our heavy-duty table drape. Less invasive procedures, like wrist surgery, use just light instrumentation where our standard perfect fit™ back table covers can handle the job well. For more details on what sizes are needed, please refer to these charts.


How do I order perfect fit™ table drapes?

You can use our online form, email, or call us. Our talented team is standing by to answer your questions and help you find the right drape for your OR. 

How are perfect fit™ drapes shipped?

Unless our customers specify, we find the most cost-effective way to ship our products to you directly. 

Can perfect fit™ drapes be used with back tables other than those from OR Specific?

Our table drapes can be used on other tables however we cannot guarantee the fit. 

How can someone outside of the US get perfect fit™ table drapes?

Orders coming from outside the US can be received through our usual email, phone, or contact form methods all found here

Are there any special procedures for draping a table?

Proper draping technique can be found at the link below.

How are perfect fit™ table drapes sterilized?

Our drapes are sterilized with ethylene oxide.

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“Love the Double-decker back table!! Use it in Moncton (New Brunswick, Canada) for all total arthroplasty cases! Also for pelvis and large back cases. Drape easy to put on and makes identifying all trays when multiple trays required for case.”


— Peggy V., Orthopedic Resource Leader RN

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