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When it comes to operating rooms, no two are designed the same. Many are small and outdated, and not every hospital has the budget or time for a complete renovation. This is where the right equipment can make a significant difference. Introducing the ideal back table for every operating room (OR), designed to meet the diverse needs of healthcare professionals.

Multiple Sizes for Any Type of Case

One of the standout features of our back table is its availability in multiple sizes, ensuring suitability for various types of surgical cases and operating room floor space

4-Foot Table for Small Cases and Surgery Centers

For small cases and surgery centers, which are a rapidly growing industry, our 4-foot table is the perfect solution. It’s compact yet spacious enough to accommodate all necessary instruments, fitting seamlessly into smaller ORs without overwhelming the room. With a removable top-tier, our back table transforms into a normal backtable that can be used for the smallest of cases. The top-tier improves space for case set-ups without taking up OR floor space.

5-6 foot table

5-6 Foot Table for Large Cases

For larger, more complex procedures such as neurosurgery, orthopedic, cardiovascular, and transplants, our 5-6 foot table provides ample space for your surgical instrument setups. These larger back tables ensure that every instrument is within reach, reducing the need for multiple back tables and mayo stands. This not only streamlines the surgical process but also minimizes clutter, enhancing overall efficiency in the operating room.

Reducing OR Turnover Times

With an increase in surgical procedures over the years, many hospitals are looking for ways to reduce their OR turnover times to save money and set up efficiently for their long list of surgical casesThe OR Specific back table is designed to help reduce turnover times significantly. In a case study conducted at the Illinois Bone and Joint Institute*, our two-tier back table reduced OR turnover times by up to 6 minutes, which is equivalent to an estimated monetary value of $400 savings. Our two-tier back table helps simplify set-ups, in turn, helping reduce OR turnover times.

Increasing Overall OR Efficiency

One of the key benefits of our back table is the increased visibility and organization of surgical instruments. This is accomplished with our two-tier system that allows surgical techs to customize their table set-up with one table, rather than three or four back tables. As a result, this leads to enhanced efficiency in the operating room. Surgeons and surgical staff can quickly and easily access the tools they need, reducing delays and improving the flow of operations.

Less Crowded Operating Rooms

Large surgical cases, such as total knee replacements (TKA), often require up to four standard back tables and multiple mayo stands to hold all the necessary instruments. This can create a crowded and chaotic environment, potentially increasing employee burnout and decreasing patient outcomes. Our two-tier back table reduces the need for multiple tables, creating a less crowded and more organized operating room. Recent studies, including a notable case study from the NIH, support the conclusion that a less cluttered hospital OR environment can lead to better outcomes for both staff and patients.


Standardized Draping System

The OR Specific back table also features a standardized draping system. In order to improve efficiency for our customers, each drape includes instructional stickers to aid in the draping process. In addition, our durable drape eliminates the need for double draping, saving both time and resources. The ease of use of this system ensures that draping the table is quick and efficient, further contributing to reduced turnover times and enhanced overall efficiency.

Making Any Operating Room Work in Your Favor

With the rise of surgery centers and the need for quick turnovers, our back table is the key to increasing overall OR efficiency. It adapts to any space, making every operating room work in your favor. Whether you’re in a small, outdated OR or a state-of-the-art surgery center, our back table brings the future of surgical care to your operating room today.

Discover the difference with the ideal back table—efficiency, versatility, and innovation at your fingertips.

Case Study Reference:
Improving Total Joint Arthroplasty Instrument Setup Time With Use of Double-Tiered Back Table
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