The Ideal Back Table for Every Operating Room

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When it comes to operating rooms, no two are designed the same. Many are small and outdated, and not every hospital has the budget or time for a complete renovation. This is where the right equipment can make a significant difference. Introducing the ideal back table for every operating room (OR), designed to meet the diverse needs of healthcare professionals. Multiple Sizes for Any Type of Case One of the standout features of our back table is its availability in multiple sizes, ensuring suitability for various types of surgical cases and operating room floor space 4-Foot Table for Small Cases and Surgery Centers For small cases and surgery centers, which are a rapidly growing industry, our 4-foot table is the perfect solution. It’s compact yet spacious enough to accommodate all necessary instruments, fitting seamlessly into smaller ORs without overwhelming the room. [...]

The Importance of the U.S. Supply Chain in Medical Equipment

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The Importance of the U.S. Supply Chain in Medical Equipment The global supply chain for medical equipment is a cornerstone of effective healthcare. At OR Specific, we understand the critical importance of a reliable supply chain for healthcare facilities, especially in the critical environment of operating rooms. Over the years, we have fostered and tailored our US-based supply chain to meet the unique demands of our customers. Ensuring that essential products like our surgical drapes are available when and where they're needed most. Strategic Advantages of OR Specific's US Supply Chain Improved Risk Mitigation and Shipping Optimization We recognize the challenges that healthcare providers face, such as the need for rapid response and delivery times. Unlike competitors who may face delays due to international shipping from locations like China and Mexico, we optimize our [...]

Future Trends in Operating Room Design

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Operating rooms have been around for centuries but what they look like and encompass has constantly evolved to keep up with changes in medical practices. This article will discuss the current design limitations of operating rooms and how today’s modern equipment, like OR Specific’s Double-decker back tables, can improve the use of space creating better efficiency, organization, comfort, safety, and overall patient care. Today’s Operating Room Design Unlike operating rooms of the past that used rudimentary tools and instruments, Twenty-first century operating rooms have become highly specialized and technologically advanced environments. Digital imaging, robotics, and computer-assisted surgery have revolutionized neurosurgery, orthopedics, and cardiovascular procedures. However, while these spaces have modernized to serve the medical community, operating rooms can still have limitations and challenges: Limited Space: Traditional operating rooms often have limited space making it challenging for surgical teams to [...]

Exceptional Ergonomics and Customization in OR Back Tables

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When it comes to operating room equipment, we know you have choices. We often get asked why OR Specific’s back tables are different. Our simple answer is that we have superior products backed by a team of engineers dedicated to designing the highest quality operating room back tables in the industry. Our product success comes from years of innovation, hard work and listening to those who use the equipment in the operating room. OR Specific was the originator of the two-tier back table (The Big Case Back Table), and over the years we have perfected the table through numerous conversations with OR personnel. The comments we most often heard about existing back tables were that they lacked adequate space, had limited visibility, and did not accommodate the various heights of an OR staff. Based on this feedback, we worked with engineers [...]

Visit Us at AORN March 10 – 12

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OR Specific, the original designer and manufacturer of the Double-decker Back Table and perfect fit™ drape, recently added NEW electric adjustable and LED illuminated tables to our product line. Our products are available across the country and throughout the world to improve the efficiency of operating rooms.  To spread the word about our products while learning what solutions operating room professionals need and want, we attend a number of select trades shows each year.  One event that we always attend is the annual AORN conference. The Association of Perioperative Registered Nurses, AORN , is a global surgical expo and conference that brings together perioperative nurses from around the globe for education opportunities, networking and inspiration. While at the conference we are able to connect with key decision-makers, professionals, experts, distributors, suppliers and potential clients. The networking allows us to [...]

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