When it comes to operating room equipment, we know you have choices. We often get asked why OR Specific’s back tables are different. Our simple answer is that we have superior products backed by a team of engineers dedicated to designing the highest quality operating room back tables in the industry. 

Our product success comes from years of innovation, hard work and listening to those who use the equipment in the operating room. OR Specific was the originator of the two-tier back table (The Big Case Back Table), and over the years we have perfected the table through numerous conversations with OR personnel. The comments we most often heard about existing back tables were that they lacked adequate space, had limited visibility, and did not accommodate the various heights of an OR staff. Based on this feedback, we worked with engineers to improve the ergonomics and the visibility of our back tables which we believe enhance OR conditions and foster better surgical outcomes.

Our Tables Work For You

The engineers behind our products took the feedback of surgical teams, identified the concerns and developed solutions. Those solutions became OR Specific’s Double-decker back tables.

We started by creating the Double-decker back table with an additional vertical surface to allow for extensive instrumentation and equipment setup needed for a total-knee or total-hip arthroplasty, for instance. The upper tier enhances organization and arrangement while eliminates the need for multiple tables, allowing OR personnel more space to maneuver.

Adding the upper tier did not decrease stability or capacity. Our Double-decker back tables are specifically designed to accommodate large cases with the ability to support up to 200 lbs on the main surface and another 200 lbs on the lower storage shelf. An additional 150 lbs may be placed on the upper shelf. No matter what equipment requirements your surgery entails, our back tables stand strong.

Next, we decided to offer each of our four Double-decker back table options in three different sizes so regardless of the OR size, our table fits perfectly. For maximum storage capacity, we offer a four foot wide option. If fewer surgical tools are required, the upper shelf may be removed and placed in a storage position, making it simple to transition between surgeries.

We tackled the height issue by creating both a manual and electric height-adjustable back table. Through the turn of a crank or push of a button, our tables can be set to the perfect height for your OR team. The main surface of the table may be adjusted to a maximum height of 38” or a minimum of 29”.

Finally, to improve visibility, we designed lighted back tables that feature 6300K cool white LED lights installed under the upper shelf for maximum illumination.

We Listened to You

The biggest concern we heard about back tables was that they were too high or too low leading to sore backs and shoulders. People are not all the same height so their work table should not be fixed in place or static. Another issue was that back tables had limited accessibility leading to crowded set-ups for large cases such as orthopedics, spinal fusions, neuro, endoscopy, open heart and craniotomies. Surgical equipment and instruments either didn’t all fit on one table or had to be layered causing inefficiencies and time loss.

Similar to people needing varying table heights, operating rooms need various sizes of back tables. There are small, medium, and large surgical cases, so a one-size-fits-all back table doesn’t work. Adding to the need for options, different surgeries require different equipment and instruments and some tables didn’t have adequate weight capacity or stability to hold the needed instrumentation.

we listened to you


To help you make an informed decision before you purchase a Double-decker back table, we’ve compiled some of the questions we’ve received through the years along with the answers we can now happily provide.

Operating rooms sometimes require dim lighting making it challenging to quickly find equipment on the table. Is there a solution?

We offer a lighted version of our Double-decker back tables just to solve that problem. And even if the OR can’t accommodate a lighted table, our PerfectFit™ drapes have a clear transparent layer that lies under the upper shelf to allow light to pass through to the main table surface making finding the right equipment easy.


How long does it take to get your back tables and drapes?

Our products are made in the U.S. meaning we have a U.S. supply chain that provides less risk, improved quality control, and shipping optimization. Customers can purchase our PerfectFit™ drapes and tables directly from OR Specific to provide a low-hassle experience with quick turnaround times.

Is your table heavy or bulky?

We designed the table with large cases and heavy trays in mind so it is very robust. The main table surface is ideal for your heavier trays (as it can hold up to 200 lbs), and can help mitigate any strenuous lifting to the top tier.

Do your tables come in different sizes?

We offer 3 different sizes of 4 different types of tables to best suit your needs. Whether you choose manual or electric height adjustable, lighted, or our standard table, we can provide the right size to fit your space.

Can your back tables be adjusted to variable heights?

The main table surface of our manual and electric adjustable Double-decker back tables are fully height adjustable. It can lower to 29”, which is 7 inches lower than standard US counter height or 5 inches lower than standard back table height. We offer manual or electric height-adjustable tables. Through the turn of a crank or push of a button, our tables can be adjusted to the ideal perfect height.

The upper tier is set at 12” above the main surface or may be adjusted to a maximum height of 15” above the main table surface.

Can your back tables be altered easily to accommodate various equipment needs depending on the surgical procedure?

The upper shelf of our Double-decker can be manually removed and placed in a storage position until it’s needed, making it simple to transition between operations that require less or more equipment. If you do wish to remove the upper shelf, we recommend that it be removed before starting your initial surgery setup.

We are proud of what we offer operating rooms and we credit the hardworking people in the OR who help identify areas in need of improvement or potential solutions making the operating room more efficient. Less hassle in the OR leads to improved productivity, happier OR personnel which, in turn, translates into happier patients.

Still have questions? Contact us. We’re always happy to hear your questions and suggestions on what we can do to better your work space in the OR. We are committed to improving patient outcomes by manufacturing high-quality healthcare equipment.